Sharing knowledge at an NCCMT workshop

Sharing knowledge at an NCCMT workshop

NCCMT workshops use public health scenarios to show how to use evidence in your decisions

Participants at a hands-on, practical and interactive workshop from the NCCMT learn the overall process of evidence-informed decision making in public health, including how to find and apply the best available research evidence in their program planning and practice.

We use realistic public health scenarios in our workshops to illustrate the process. But the scenario is just a jumping-off point. The process of evidence-informed public health can be applied to any content area.

Of course, budget and time constraints in public health today mean that not everyone who wants to attend a workshop in person can do so.

Our self-paced online learning module on Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Public Health provides a practical introduction for EIPH novices as well as a great refresher for past EIPH workshop participants who want to brush up on their skills or share the information with colleagues.