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This tool was created to encourage the development of knowledge and skills required for evidence-informed decision making (EIDM) and to provide resources to build capacity for these knowledge and skills. Topics covered by the tool include critical appraisal of evidence, interpreting research results and strategies for knowledge translation. The examples included are directly relevant to public health.

Now available: Skills Assessment Tool for groups! Group members can individually complete the Skills Assessment Tool and receive a group report on their performance with suggested links to the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools’ (NCCMT) resources for further learning.

Who should use this Tool

The Skills Assessment Tool is for everyone! It is useful for public health practitioners working in a variety of roles across public health, including managers, health promoters, public health inspectors, epidemiologists, public health nurses, students and more. The knowledge and skills needed for EIDM are important for all public health practitioners to integrate EIDM into practice. Some of the questions involve scenarios that you may encounter in your public health practice. While these scenarios are specific to certain public health professions, it is important to remember that the principles of EIDM apply to all public health professions.

If you are new to EIDM, the Skills Assessment Tool is a great place to start to identify areas where training may be needed. It then suggests self-directed learning resources from the NCCMT. If you have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of EIDM, the tool helps you discover specific areas for further improvement.

If your score on the assessment is low, don’t worry! The final score isn’t as important as identifying areas for further improvement. We provide you with suggested self-directed learning resources in each area where you have answered incorrectly.

When to use this Tool

The Skills Assessment Tool is great to use for professional development and training in EIDM among individuals or groups. It helps identify areas for training in EIDM knowledge and skills and suggests resources for EIDM capacity development. It can also be used to review EIDM knowledge and skills during the recruitment process.

Groups that want to work on building capacity for EIDM as a team can use the tool’s group functionality, which is customizable to suit differing needs.

Individual Assessment

Group Assessment

Personal professional development

Team professional development

Understanding of EIDM knowledge in potential hires

Understanding of EIDM knowledge in potential hires

Linkages to EIDM capacity building resources

Linkages to EIDM capacity building resources

Individual report

Group report on performance


Ability to customize and choose:

  • Anonymous report or one with identifying information (only the group administrator will receive the report)
  • Randomized questions, or everyone receive the same questions
  • Complete all 20 questions, or only a subset of questions


No limit to the number of people who can be part of a group

If you would like more information on the group assessment, contact the NCCMT at

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EIDM Skills Assessment

EIDM Skills Assessment