About the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools



Our vision: Stronger public health, driven by the best-available evidence, to improve the health and well-being of every person living in Canada.


The NCCMT encourages and scales evidence-informed decision making in health care organizations in Canada. We achieve this by providing high-quality resources, real-world training and practical mentorship that evolves with, and responds to, the ever-changing needs of public health. 

Our Values

Transparency: The NCCMT strives to use the most rigorous and transparent processes.

Collaboration: We collaborate with local, regional, national and international public health and knowledge-sharing organizations.

Diverse world views: We respect and acknowledge that there are diverse world views.

Responsive: The NCCMT’s work is driven by our audience. We promptly respond to are responsive to the evolving needs of public health in Canada and globally.

Innovative: We strive to be an innovative leader in the field of evidence-informed decision-making.


Our Framework

The NCCMT uses the evidence-informed decision making in public health model and seven steps of evidence-informed decision-making to guide our work. The model identifies four main sources of evidence: community and political preferences and actions; community health issues and local context; public health resources; and research. Public health expertise is the common factor that brings together these four sources of evidence together. These four areas are all brought together by public health expertise. The seven steps of evidence-informed decision-making (define, search, appraise, synthesize, adapt, implement, evaluate) provide a process for using that evidence in practice. Click here to learn more about evidence-informed decision making in public health.


About our Name - What is a method and tool?

method is a process or series of steps to organize a knowledge translation activity, for example, a framework to create a dissemination plan. A tool is a product or instrument to carry out the steps of a knowledge translation activity, for example, a checklist for your dissemination plan.