Outreach & Networking

NCCMT supports networking as a strategy to advance evidence-informed public health practice and policy in Canada.

We engage in the following networking activities:

  • Face-to-face outreach visits

    NCCMT regularly meets with public health professionals across Canada. These outreach visits include workshops, meetings, knowledge fairs, and networking receptions.

    Click here to learn more about our outreach visits.

  • Brokering connections

    NCCMT regularly connects public health professionals with other individuals or organizations in other parts of Canada who share similar interests or are working on related projects. By brokering connections, NCCMT helps build connections across the public health sector.

  • Creating spaces and opportunities for knowledge exchange

    NCCMT’s discussion forum provides a virtual space for public health professionals to share information, resources, tips and solutions to problems related to moving research evidence into practice.