Update: DialoguePH Network

From 2007 – 2012, NCCMT supported DialoguePH, a national network that provided a forum for public health professionals to share their experiences and challenges, and resources they use to find, interpret and apply evidence in public health.

We evaluated DialoguePH and other NCCMT products and services in winter, 2012. As a result of feedback from our members, we decided to discontinue the DialoguePH network and, instead, allow all registered NCCMT members to access the services that had previously only been available to network members (e.g., weekly messages, in-person events, webinars, etc.).

To enhance knowledge exchange between our members, NCCMT will look for opportunities to support smaller networks that focus on specific practice-based issues in public health (versus broader issues related to KT and public health). We feel that this strategy may be more effective in facilitating networking among public health professionals and organizations.

Photos of Past Networking Events

DialoguePH Background Documents:

Using Resources to Support Evidence-Informed Public Health Practice: Evaluation of NCCMT Resources

DialoguePH: Results of a National Online Survey
[PDF, 600Kb]

Innovation and Progress: The Role of Networks
[PDF, 25Kb]

Networking in Public Health: Exploring the value of networks to the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health
[PDF, 542Kb]

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