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Barwick, M. (2011). Knowledge translation planning template-R (TM). Toronto, ON: Hospital for Sick Children Toronto.


The Knowledge Translation Planning Template-R (TM) can be used to plan and evaluate your knowledge translation (KT) strategy. It identifies and documents steps needed to implement a KT strategy. This template can be used along with guides to developing a KT strategy, available from the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto.

The Knowledge Translation Planning Template-R (TM) was developed to create KT plans for research projects in all settings, and has been used in a variety of sectors (health, education, mental health). You can use the template, along with accompanying guides, to develop a KT strategy:

  • Knowledge Translation Planning Template-R (TM)
  • A Guide for Developing Health Research Knowledge Translation (KT) Plans
  • A Guide for Assessing Health Research Knowledge Translation (KT) Plans (on pg. 17 there is rating form with questions to assess KT plans)
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The guide, A Guide for Developing Health Research Knowledge Translation (KT) Plans, consists of four sections:

  • Foundations: Defining knowledge translation (KT)
  • Considerations for assessing a KT plan
  • Examples
  • Checklist of key questions to review KT plan

The template, Knowledge Translation Planning Template-R (TM), is used in a step-wise manner. Some sections of the template include:

  • Main Messages
  • KT Audiences
  • KT Methods
  • KT Impact and Evaluation
  • Resources

Who is involved

This planning template could be used and shared among several individuals and/or organizations when developing a KT strategy.

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© 2011 Barwick, Melanie, Hospital for Sick Children Toronto

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Development of the Tool


Melanie Barwick
Suzanne Ross
Paula Goering
Nora Jacobson
Dale Butterill

Method of Development

The template was developed by Melanie Barwick as part of her work with the Scientist Knowledge Translation Training at The Hospital for Sick Children. In addition to the KT template, Dr. Barwick has developed a training program for researchers and others to gain skills in knowledge translation, as well as the Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate for KT practitioners.

The guide, A Guide for Developing Health Research Knowledge Translation (KT) Plans was developed from a study led by Paula Goering and funded by the Canadian Health Research Foundation (CHSRF), the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the National Institute for Health Research Service Delivery and Organization (SDO) Research and Development Programme, and the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).

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Melanie Barwick
Child Health Evaluative Sciences, Research Institute
The Hopsital for Sick Children
Toronto, ON M5G 1X8
Phone: (416) 813-1085

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