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Health Evidence (2009). Developing an Efficient Search Strategy. Available from:


This tool, Developing an Efficient Search Strategy using PICO, was created by Health Evidence. It helps users to develop a searchable question, which is a fundamental step in using research evidence to inform decision making. This fillable form helps users articulate a searchable question and document search terms for a search strategy.

This tool helps users define questions for quantitative research (PICO) and qualitative research (PS). The PICO format creates searchable questions that address issues of intervention effectiveness or clinical questions, while the PS format examines questions related to understanding how and why the issue exists. Creating searchable questions involves identifying key words and search terms according to:

  • PICO: Population, Intervention or Exposure (PECO), Comparison, Outcomes; or
  • PS: Population, Situation.

To learn more about PICO and PS, see NCCMT's online learning module, Introduction to Evidence-Informed Decision Making and Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. To learn more about defining your question, see the webcast, Define. There is evidence that using PICO to create a searchable question retrieves more relevant citations than using a standard database interface alone (Schardt et al., 2007).

This tool consists of two parts:

  • PICO Search Terms Table: For Searchable Quantitative Research Questions
  • PS Search Terms Table: For Searchable Qualitative Research Questions

Users can access this tool along with other resources to support the use of research, such as checklists and flowcharts, from Health Evidence at Tools to support evidence-informed decision making.

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The tool, Developing an Efficient Search Strategy using PICO, consists of a table for PICO and one for PS. Each table is a fillable form that provides an example from a clinical question and prompts users to document synonyms or key words and MeSH headings (Medical Subject Headings).

To learn more about MeSH headings, see the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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Librarians, project specialists, consultants and others involved in creating search strategies would use this resource.

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Health Evidence

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Heather Husson
Health Evidence
175 Longwood Road S, Suite 210A
Hamilton ON L8P 0A1

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