Online EIDM Skills Assessment

Do you know what you don’t know? The online Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) Skills Assessment can help you find out! This tool has 20 multiple-choice questions on topics that are important for EIDM, including critical appraisal of evidence, interpreting research results and strategies for using evidence in practice. After completing the EIDM Skills Assessment, you will receive a customized report from the NCCMT that includes capacity-building resources to support you in building your skills and knowledge in EIDM.

Launch the Skills Assessment

Launch the Skills Assessment

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You can also explore your learning needs for EIDM as a group. You can customize the EIDM Skills Assessment to your group’s needs and receive a report on your group’s strengths and learning needs. With this information, groups can support each other to identify and engage in EIDM learning opportunities. 

Not sure if you need the individual or group assessment? Explore the table below to identify whether the individual or group assessment is right for you!

Individual Assessment Group Assessment
Personal professional development Team professional development
Determine a potential hire’s understanding of EIDM  Determine potential hires’ understanding of EIDM 
Provides links to EIDM capacity-building resources Provides links to EIDM capacity-building resources
Individual report Group report
-The report has a feature to summarize results across iterations if you complete multiple rounds of the assessment with your group. 
  Ability to customize
-Obtain an anonymous report or a report with identifying information (only the group administrator will receive the report)
-Use randomized questions or have everyone receive the same questions
-Complete all 20 questions or only a subset of questions


  No limit to the number of people who can be part of a group

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