Building capacity in Nunavut

Building capacity in Nunavut

Facilitating a workshop in Iqaluit

In Iqaluit Nunavut we offered a full-day workshop on evidence-informed public health. Jackie Muresan facilitated the workshop for a group of decision makers at the Government of Nunavut Department of Health and Social Services. This event provided a great opportunity for knowledge exchange. One participant called it “a need-to-do workshop for every public health practitioner.”

Participants shared the challenges they face working in public health in the far North and discussed some of the many factors that influence the decision-making process in this unique context. Workshop participants enjoyed the “interactive nature of the workshop” and “being able to walk through the steps with concrete examples.”

Jackie also visited the Public Health Unit in Iqaluit. “It was great to learn more about what it’s like to work on the front lines to deliver public health programs and services in this community.”

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