Introducing NCCMT's new video series "Understanding Research Evidence"

Introducing NCCMT's new video series 'Understanding Research Evidence'

Key concepts explained... simply!

Understanding and interpreting research evidence is an important part of practicing evidence-informed public health. You need to understand some basic concepts. That's why the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools has developed a series of short videos to explain some important terms that you are likely to encounter when looking at research evidence.

If you haven't seen yourself as an interpreter of research (until now!), get the basics with Understanding Research Evidence. These concise videos explain each term in plain language using realistic public health examples and engaging visuals.

If you've never been sure about the terms or forgot what you learned in school, NCCMT's "Understanding Research Evidence" videos are for you. NCCMT's "Understanding Research Evidence" video series includes:

In just a few minutes you will learn how to use and interpret these concepts.

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