Webinar Summaries

Short summaries of previous Spotlight on KT Methods and Tools webinars

What is a Webinar Summary?

Over the past few years, NCCMT has presented a series of Spotlight on KT Methods & Tools webinars in partnership with CHNET-Works! These webinars have been well received and have allowed us to reach a wide audience; however, we understand that language constraints, time limitations, and learning styles mean that these webinars may not always be accessible to everyone. That’s why we created Webinar Summaries.

These brief, plain language summaries distill the key points of each Spotlight webinar down to a few pages and are available in both French and English. Our goal is to provide an alternative for those unable to participate in Spotlight on KT Methods & Tools webinars as well as a supplementary resource for those looking to revisit a webinar they previously attended.

Webinar summaries summarize Spotlight on KT Methods and Tools presentations. The webinars are presented in partnership with the University of Ottawa’s CHNET-Works!

Did you miss a Spotlight webinar?

We’ve captured the main messages from each webinar in 4 or 5 pages with the associated presentation slides.