About the Repository of Public Health Evidence Syntheses

It is critical for public health organizations to work together across jurisdictions and share our efforts in response to public health challenges. To minimize duplication of efforts and facilitate collaboration across Canada, the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) launched the Repository of Public Health Syntheses. This repository hosts completed and in-progress rapid evidence reviews focused on a range of public health topics, including COVID-19.

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Are you or your organization completing evidence reviews on public health topics, including those related to COVID-19? We encourage you to share your research questions here to reduce duplication and allow collaboration with others across the country.

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Support for Evidence Reviews

The NCCMT can help guide evidence synthesis, including development of research questions and inclusion criteria, assessing and interpreting evidence quality, synthesizing findings and making recommendations. The Rapid Review Guidebook is also available for an overview of the evidence synthesis process.

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Rapid Evidence Service

Looking for something else? The NCCMT hosts rapid reviews on a variety of topics in our rapid review repository.


The NCCMT provides this repository as a public service. Inclusion of any specific report does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the NCCMT. The NCCMT has not critically appraised the reports included in this repository for methodological quality. The NCCMT recommends that users conduct a critical appraisal of any report before using it to inform decision-making.