Knowledge translation planning primer

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Public Health Agency of Canada. (2012). Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer. Ottawa, ON: Public Health Agency of Canada.

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This tool allows users to plan implementation and evaluation steps to tailor knowledge translation (KT) strategies to meet various stakeholder needs. With worksheets, tips, strategies and additional resources, this resource outlines a KT plan specific to each individual stakeholder group.


Developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer provides a user guide, worksheet and strategies to support knowledge sharing and exchange, as well as indicators to measure the impact of knowledge translation initiatives.

This KT tool builds on KT resources that help users to plan, implement and evaluate a KT strategy. The KT Planning Primer includes a worksheet to be used with each identified audience, available in a fillable MS Word format, to document planning, implementing and evaluating KT strategies.

Other related resources include:

  • John Lavis' framework for knowledge transfer
  • The Institute for Work & Health's From Research to Practice: A knowledge transfer planning guide, which includes worksheets for five questions outlined by Lavis.
  • Scientist Knowledge Translation Training's Knowledge Translation Planning Template, which also includes indicators to assess the impacts of KT strategies.

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The KT Planning Primer consists of the following steps:

  • Who will you reach?
  • Why (KT objectives)?
  • What is the message?
  • How will you reach your audience (format and delivery)?
  • How (opportunities and barriers for knowledge exchange)?
  • How (your resources)?
  • Impact (measure and revise)?

Appendices provide additional information and strategies for:

  • Types of key messages
  • Six principles of sticky ideas
  • Effectiveness of KT strategies (see resource from Institute of Health Economics)
  • Potential indicators for measuring impact of KT products

Who is involved

Individuals or groups that are planning, implementing or evaluating knowledge translation interventions could use this tool.

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Public Health Agency of Canada

Method of Development

The KT Planning Primer was developed from other knowledge translation resources and is based on the work of regional knowledge development and exchange analysts at the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Munira Lalji
Public Health Agency of Canada
#301, 351 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 0G6
Phone: (604) 666-9586

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Title of Primary Resource Knowledge translation (KT) planning primer
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Public Health Agency of Canada. (2012). Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer. Ottawa, ON: Public Health Agency of Canada.

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