GRADE: An Emerging Consensus on Rating Quality of Evidence and Strength of Recommendations

Schünemann, H., & Santesso, N. (n.d.). Introduction to GRADE. Retrieved from Organization website:

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This tool provides a transparent way for creating and presenting evidence syntheses. The framework applies a rating of quality of evidence and a grading of strength of recommendations for systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines. GRADE rates the quality of a body of evidence.

Steps for Using Method/Tool

The GRADE tool guides users through eight criteria for critically assessing the quality of evidence:

  1. Risk of bias/study limitations
  2. Inconsistency of results
  3. Indirectness of evidence
  4. Imprecision
  5. Reporting bias
  6. Magnitude of effect
  7. Dose-response gradient
  8. Direction of plausible biases


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Neumann, I., Brignardello-Petersen, R., Wiercioch, W., Carrasco-Labra, A., Cuello, C., Akl, E., et al. (2016). The GRADE evidence-to-decision framework: a report of its testing and application in 15 international guideline panels. Implementation Science : IS, 11, 93.

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