Ralph Stacey's Agreement & Certainty Matrix


Ralph Stacey’s Agreement & Certainty Matrix is an approach for making decisions based on the degree of certainty and level of agreement concerning an issue.

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Ralph Stacey's agreement & certainty matrix

Zimmerman, B. (2001). Ralph Stacey's agreement & certainty matrix. Retrieved from York University: https://www.nccmt.ca/uploads/media/media/0001/03/219b71c0f7ff72221e90bd4b6b7c537466c18301.pdf

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Agreement and certainty matrix

Family Planning National Training Center (FPNTC) (2019). Agreement and certainty matrix. Retrieved from https://www.fpntc.org/sites/default/files/resources/fpntc_agreement_cert_matrix_2019-06.pdf

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Situational leadership & management: Agreement & certainty matrix

Cabaj, M. (n.d.). Situational leadership & management: Agreement & certainty matrix. Retrieved from Here to There Consulting Inc.: https://here2there.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Situational-Leadership_Agreement-Certainty-Matrix.pdf

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