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Rapid Review: What is the evidence for the effectiveness of public health interventions, and their potential unintended consequences, to reduce the direct and indirect health impacts of exposure to wildfires, including wildfire smoke, combined heat-wildfire smoke events, and other pollutants associated with wildfires?

Public health topic area:

Public Health

Review question:
Public health units Policy makers (all levels) Decision makers (all levels) Communities
Interventions to mitigate the effects of wildfires, wildfire smoke, and combined heat-wildfire smoke events on the community. Interventions include both policies for mitigating effects and provision of protective items, including (but not limited to): provision of filtration devices and masks, clean air shelters, reducing time spent outdoors. surveillance of wildfires and/or smoke and/or poor air quality, evacuations.
Direct health impacts (e.g., respiratory, cardiovascular, burns, etc.) Indirect health impacts (e.g., mental health, environmental health, financial burden, etc.)
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Jul 27, 2023