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Rapid Review: What are the latest innovations in public health surveillance methods, including novel methods, novel data sources, dissemination/communication, and approaches to surveillance?

The literature for public health surveillance innovations reflects advancements in technology and shows resourcefulness and ingenuity. This scoping review explores 834 articles describing innovative methods and the potential implications of these methods from ethical, legal, security and equity perspectives.


National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. (2023, September 15). What are the latest innovations in public health surveillance?

Public health topic area:

Public Health

Review question:
Global, international, national, provincial, territorial, state, regional, municipal populations
New, novel or adapted surveillance programs and systems for public health topics Dissemination/communication of surveillance innovations
All disciplines of public health
Search Updated:

Jun 8, 2023

Review Completed:

Sep 15, 2023