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Rapid Scoping Review: What is known about changes to public health surveillance programs, systems and strategies at the population level for governments globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
Literature on changes to public health surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic is dominated by surveillance of COVID-19 infections; additional changes to public health surveillance has occurred in cancer screening, child health assessments, and sexually transmitted infections. Methods of surveillance include digital surveillance and wastewater surveillance.

Risk factors children 0-5

Rapid Review: What are the risk factors associated with severe COVID-19 outcomes in children 5 years and under?
The findings of this review indicate that prematurity, young age, comorbidities, and structural inequities are the greatest risk factors for severe outcomes in children five years and younger.

Post-secondary settings

Living Rapid Review Update 4: What is known about the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within post-secondary institutions and the strategies to mitigate on-campus outbreaks?
Strategies including fast and frequent testing and isolation may help mitigate the risk for COVID-19 transmission within post-secondary institutions.

Risk factors children 0-12

Rapid Review Update 1: What are the risk factors associated with severe COVID-19 outcomes in children 12 years and under?
The evidence suggests children with comorbidities may be more likely to experience severe COVID-19 outcomes.



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