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Weight Stigma

Rapid Review: What is known about the experience of weight bias and/or stigma, and how does it influence health outcomes?
Experiencing weight stigma in healthcare may lead to shame, lower self-esteem, depression, anxiety and reduced quality of care. It may also influence the link between larger body size and negative physiological and psychological outcomes and poor quality of life.

Body Size and Health Outcomes

Rapid Umbrella Review: What is the relationship between body size and health outcomes?
Research shows that a larger body size may be associated with some negative health outcomes; however, this is not universal across populations, health outcomes or measures of body size.

Vaccine Uptake

Rapid Review Update 1: What is known about reasons for vaccine confidence and uptake in populations experiencing inequities?
Across all three equity-deserving populations in this review, a desire to prevent infection and transmission to others, trust in the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, communication of accurate and comprehensive vaccine information through trusted community sources and providing easy and affordable access to the vaccine were all factors supporting the uptake of all vaccines.

Parental Considerations for Vaccination

Rapid Review Update 1: What is known about parents’ considerations for vaccine uptake for children and adolescents?
Parents consider their trust in health care providers and the government, the perceived safety of vaccines, an assessment of the risks of diseases and vaccines, and any barriers to accessing vaccines when deciding to vaccinate their children. Parents want trustworthy information about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases to help them make decisions.



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