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Rapid Review: What is the evidence for the effectiveness of public health interventions, and their potential unintended consequences, to reduce the direct and indirect health impacts of exposure to wildfires, including wildfire smoke and combined heat-wildfire smoke events?
There is limited evidence evaluating the effectiveness of public health interventions on reducing impacts of exposure to wildfires and their smoke: air cleaning systems likely improve indoor air quality during wildfire events, but there is some evidence of harmful impacts of executing evacuation orders and staying indoors.

Core Competencies

Rapid Review: What is known about the implementation and evaluation of core competencies for public health, and what are barriers or facilitators for implementation?
Core competencies in public health have been implemented in various educational and workforce contexts, with supporting strategies and examples available. Little is known about the impact of core competencies on the public health workforce, although a small number of low-to-moderate quality studies show that educational and workplace interventions based on core competency frameworks can improve the competencies of students and public health professionals.

Surveillance Innovations

Rapid Review: What are the latest innovations in public health surveillance methods, including novel methods, novel data sources, dissemination/communication, and approaches to surveillance?
The literature for public health surveillance innovations reflects advancements in technology and shows resourcefulness and ingenuity. This scoping review explores 834 articles describing innovative methods and the potential implications of these methods from ethical, legal, security and equity perspectives.

Community Granting Programs

Rapid Review: What is known about how the components of community granting programs impact mobilization of community-driven health promotion?
Community granting programs support community-driven projects that address priority needs. These programs work and can mobilize community-driven health promotion.

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Rapid Review: What are effective policy and program initiatives to increase healthy eating and/or decrease unhealthy eating for cancer prevention?
Healthy diets can reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer. Policy has been shown to be an effective strategy for promoting healthier eating.

The role of public health working with shelters to serve people experiencing homelessness

Rapid Scoping Review: What is known about the role of public health in working with shelters serving people experiencing homelessness?
Shelters serving people experiencing homelessness work collaboratively with public health on many topics.

Strategies to implement EIDM

Rapid Review: What is known about strategies to implement evidence-informed practice at an organizational level?
Common strategies for implementing evidence-informed decision making (EIDM) or evidence-informed practices (EIP) at organizations include establishing specialized roles, providing staff education and training, developing processes or mechanisms to support new practices, and demonstrating leadership support.

Physical activity and cancer prevention

Rapid Review: What are effective policy and program initiatives to increase physical activity and/or reduce sedentary time for cancer prevention?
This report explores the effectiveness of policy-focused initiatives including active transportation, effective urban design, sport and recreation, school environments and public education.



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